Mainstream media use misleading statistics to stir up anti-white racism.

The mainstram media keep using the following phrase:

“American police kill blacks at a proportionately higher rate than whites.”

The above quote reveals a distorted interpretation of fatal police shootings.

The death of George Floyd has ignited worldwide protests against police shootings, especially the apparent disproportionate use of lethal force against black Americans.

According to the data on fatal shootings by American police, more whites than blacks are killed by police overall.

However, the data shows that blacks are killed at higher rates relative to population size.

The Washington Post newspaper has recorded every fatal shooting by an on-duty police officer in the USA for the last five years.

According to the newspaper, “Although half of the people shot and killed by police are white, black Americans are shot at a disproportionate rate, [and they are] killed by police at more than twice the rate of white Americans.”

American fatal police shootings

So, out of 4,895 people killed by police in the last five years, 1298 were black.

This statistic represents 26.5% of those killed by police despite comprising  13% of the US population.

These numbers appear to show that the police fatally shoot black Americans at a much higher rate than white Americans.

It is this apparent disproportionate rate that has caught everyone’s attention.

Some are using these statistics to incite violence, to commit arson attacks, and even to ‘defund the police.’

The mainstream media say that this disproportionate killing of blacks by the police is evidence of white racism.

However, all is not what it seems because those statistics are misleading!

The population proportion benchmark

Traditionally, the benchmark that has been used to discover racial disparities in fatal killings by police has been the racial group’s population proportion.

For example, blacks comprise about 13% of the American population.

However, 26% of civilians killed by the American police were black.

According to the racial group population proportion benchmark, American police kill blacks at a disproportionate rate.

Therefore, a racial disparity exists, and this must be due to racism, according to the mainstream media.

However, using the racial group population proportion as a benchmark assumes that White and Black civilians have equal exposure to the police.

Misleading statistics versus meaningful statistics

Here are some American crime figures from 2018.

Murder and nonneglient manslaughter:
Blacks commit 6,380 out of 11,970 crimes, which is 53.3%

Blacks commit 47,750 out of 88,130 crimes, which is 54.2%

Aggravated Assault:
Blacks commit 133,330 out of 395,800 crime, which is 33.7%

Illegal carrying or possession of weapons:
Blacks commit 72,940 out of 168,400 crimes, which is 43.3%

Offenses against family and children:
Blacks commit 25,190 out of 87,480 crimes, which is 28.8%

All offences (violent and non-violent):
Blacks commit 2,826,460 out of 10,310,960 crimes, which is 27.4%

All violent crimes:
Blacks commit 187,470 out of 495,900 violent crimes, which is 37.83%.

Although black people comprise about 13% of the American population, they commit a disproportionate amount of crime.

These statistics are alarming when we consider violent crimes.

People are likely to encounter the police if they commit crimes, especially if those crimes are violent crimes.

Blacks commit over half of the robberies, murders and nonnegligent manslaughters in the USA despite comprising 13% of the population.

Violent crimes attract higher prison sentences.

Some criminals may resist arrest at all costs because they don’t want to go to prison for a very long time!

It’s misleading to compare fatal police shootings of members of a group with the percentage of that group within the population.

Criminals (primarily violent criminals) are likely to have more contact with the police than law-abiding citizens.


It’s more meaningful to compare the number of fatal police shootings with the percentage of that group committing crimes, especially violent crimes, rather than the percentage of that group within the population. 

Blacks commit 27.4% of all crimes and 36.6% of all violent crimes in America. 

They commit 53.3% of all murders and nonnegligent manslaughters, 54.2% of all robberies, and 43.3% of all illegal carrying or possession of weapons.

However, 26% of civilians killed by police were black. 

Therefore, the data shows that blacks are proportionately less likely to be killed by police!

However, many in the mainstream media have deliberately used misleading statistics to give the impression that blacks are proportionately more likely to be killed by police.

This wrongful manipulation of the data has resulted in protests, riots, arson attacks, murders, calls to defund the police, and people ’taking the knee’.