Canadian parents could go to prison if they object to transgender ideology

Canadian parents can go to prison if they object to their child wanting to change gender.

In Canada, the state can overrule parents who oppose their gender-dysphoric children from getting puberty-blocking interventions, testosterone, or even scrotectomy, castration, and vaginoplasty.

Furthermore, a parent’s failure to call their child by the wrong pronoun could be considered child abuse.

The following video is from a Russian TV news channel.

As I explain in the video, political correctness has gone too far, and it’s out of control.

Politically correct politicians are pushing these fashionable new trends of transgender identity and LGBT issues into law at a staggering rate.

Canadian parents are under attack

Traditional family values are under attack from virtue-signalling left-wing activists and governments.

A child may not understand the risks and consequences of gender transition treatment.

If children are not mature enough for jury service, to get a tattoo, or to vote, then why are they mature enough to decide on changing gender?

However, if doctors have assessed that a child can understand their decision, then gender treatment can begin despite the parents’ objections.

The problem is that psychiatrists and doctors may fear repercussions if they are not politically correct.

In the UK, hundreds of transgender youths who had gender reassignment surgery wish they hadn’t and want to transition back.

Children who want to change their gender suffer from a medical condition called ‘gender dysphoria’.

It’s better to treat the underlying psychological condition rather than using hormone treatment or surgery!

However, biological treatments for gender dysphoric children are now treated as the first resort rather than the last resort.

Justin Trudeau’s politically correct Canada is a threat to traditional family values.

However, it’s not just Canadian parents who fear fines or prison if they do not comply with the state.

Because of political correctness, parental rights are being threatened in other countries as well.