Coronavirus has affected New York City and Tokyo in different ways

Coronavirus (Covid19) has affected New York City (NYC) and Tokyo. These two major cities are densely populated.

NYC’s population is approximately 8.5 million, and Tokyo’s population is about 13.2 million.

The number of Covid19 deaths in New York City on 14th May 2020 was 19,815 (according to The New York Times). NYC is now the Coronavirus capital of the world. However, the number of Covid19 deaths in Tokyo is 196.

So, the number of deaths from Coronavirus is just over one hundred times greater in NYC than Tokyo. 

The mainstream media have not attempted to explore the reasons for this vast discrepancy.

NYC has an area of 305 square miles, and Tokyo has 845 square miles. Comparing the number of Coronavirus deaths per square mile in each city shows that the death rate per square mile in NYC is 282 times that of Tokyo.

NYC’s population density is 1.77 times greater than Tokyo’s, but this would not explain the enormous difference in the number of deaths.

We know that the Coronavirus has a disproportionate effect on the elderly. We also know that Japan has the world’s highest density of the elderly. Remarkably, Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, has only suffered 196 deaths.

The Coronavirus / Wuhan Virus

Even more remarkable is Tokyo’s proximity to Wuhan, China, which is 1,509 miles. Wuhan to NYC is 7,477 miles.

NYC has a ‘hard lockdown’, but Tokyo has a ‘soft lockdown’. Tokyo has no restrictions on travel, and there are no orders to comply with emergency measures, only requests. Consequently, there are no penalties for those residents who don’t obey.

The first reported case of Coronavirus in NYC was that of a woman who had travelled from Iran. NYC now has more confirmed cases of Coronavirus than China and Iran.

Over 37% of NYC residents were born in another country, which is the highest percentage in more than one hundred years. Furthermore, over three million foreign-born immigrants live in NYC. 

The Chinese population in NYC is the biggest outside of China. Over 40% of the USA’s Bengali population lives in NYC.

Additionally, NYC has over half a million illegal immigrants.

Under 4% of residents of Tokyo were born in a foreign country. 

Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens

The least affected borough from Coronavirus in NYC is Manhattan.

However, Washington Heights (80,200 immigrants) in northern Manhattan is the most affected neighbourhood.  

Queens and Brooklyn are the two worst affected boroughs in NYC. 


Bensonhurst in Brooklyn and Elmhurst in Queens are two neighbourhoods that are severely affected by the Coronavirus.

Elmhurst Hospital

Elmhurst Hospital is the most overused hospital in NYC, and it’s at the epicentre of Coronavirus in the USA.

71% of Elmhurst residents are foreign-born, and most of them have low-paying jobs. Many of them are in ill-health.

NYC’s population density is approximately 27,800 per square mile, but Elmhurst has a population of over 88,000 packed into 1.172 square miles, which gives a population density of 75,000 per square mile.

Owning or renting a decent place to live in NYC is very expensive. So, many foreign-born residents (legal and illegal) in NYC who have a low-paying job are living in very overcrowded conditions. 

These low-paying jobs will remain low paid as long as there is a seemingly endless supply of immigrants (legal and illegal) who are willing to take these jobs. Studies show that immigration leads to a lowering of wages among the lowest-paid workers.

New York City has an exceptionally ‘diverse’ population, and its Coronavirus death toll is now at least 19,815.

Tokyo does not have a ‘diverse’ population, and its Coronavirus death toll is now 196.

Ultimately, diversity could be the primary reason why New York City is now the Coronavirus capital of the world.