David Furness recently spoke outside Upminster Bridge Station.

If we do need foreign workers in this country, then they should not have the right to have permanent settlement here.

Foreign workers should be given a temporary guest worker visa instead.

The UK should train its own workers and its unemployed first and offer decent pay rather than employ foreign workers.

Lots of British people are working abroad using temporary work visas, especially in the Gulf States.

There is no need to give a British passport to foreign workers and all their family members.

It’s better to give them a guest work visa for a specified duration.

For example, Saudia Arabia does not give each foreign worker a Saudi passport.

Foreign workers in Saudi Arabia must obey local laws and customs — breaking the law can result in harsh punishment, which includes the death penalty.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia would not allow permanent settlement for each worker and all their dependents.

Giving temporary guest worker visas to foreign workers works well in many parts of the world.

The UK does not need foreign workers.

Greedy employers will always say that there’s a shortage of people to do the work, and therefore we need immigrants.

We need to break the association of immigration with the need for foreign workers.

No More Permanent Settlement

There should be no more permanent settlement of foreigners into the country because it will:

  • Help the NHS because immigration puts enormous pressure on hospitals, doctors, and appointments.
  • Stop the NHS becoming the International Health Service.
  • Be essential to solve the housing crisis.
  • Help your child to get a good education.
  • Ease congestion and help the environment.

We cannot solve the housing crisis without dealing with the problem of immigration.

Politicians don’t want to discuss it.

The Conservatives have now abandoned their goal of fewer than 100,000 immigrants per year.

Labour, Lib Dems, and Greens will let them all in.

So, it doesn’t matter which establishment party you vote for because immigration will increase.

Therefore, vote for David Furness — the only British nationalist in the country standing in the 2019 general election.